It’s my birthday today. 17.

I still remember last year: when a couple of the boys in my grade 10 class, who I didn’t really know that well at the time, made a birthday cake for me and brought it to school. Then they brought the cake out and the whole class sang “Happy Birthday” to me during study hall. It was such an awesome surprise… I’ll never forget it!

But besides it being my birthday, today also marks another important milestone for me.

Can you believe that it’s been just over a year since the beginning of Rustic Christian Signs? Last year when I started making and selling inspirational signs, I thought it would just be a small side project that I could work on during breaks from school. I didn’t think that so many would be interested in my work– and I sure as heck didn’t think it would grow to be as big as it is now. I smile every time I get an order because it means one more person is being encouraged by the scripture verses or inspirational quotes on the sign(s) they’ve ordered. Even when I post prayer requests, such as the request I posted a few weeks ago for my mom’s vertigo, everyone is quick to respond with kind words (my mom is feeling a lot better now, by the way. Thanks for all your prayers!).

I’m just a teenage girl trying to balance school with work, and there are times when I have to put it all on pause for a few days while I’m trying to get my stuff together (such as when I have to write final exams twice in a 10-month time frame). Sometimes, I need that encouragement that I’ve been giving the past year. And it amazes me so much that I have so much support from people I barely even know–

I guess what I wanted to say in the first place is, thank you all so much for all your support over the past year! I have a feeling this year is gonna be even more amazing… although I say that every time. 🙂

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