Recap: The 2016 Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards were tonight. Let’s talk about the performances for one second. 🙂

Most of the time, the performances aren’t great at these awards shows. However, there were a select few that really stood out to me (Shawn Mendes’ emotional performance of “Stitches” being one of them). Artists such as Kesha or Rihanna, both of whom I’ve never been a fan of, shocked the entire crowd with their insane vocal skills. I never knew either artist could sing like that! Australian pop artist, and newcomer to the Billboard Awards, Troye Sivan, was also surprisingly good.
The Unofficial Kickoff To Summer:
I’ve seen her perform live (whether in concert or on various TV broadcasts) multiple times. And I still can’t believe how talented Demi Lovato is. When she began singing her 2015 hit, “Cool For The Summer,” I was mentally preparing for a not-so-great performance (as some of her live performances have been in the past). However, I was proven wrong. That girl can SINGGG! Looking forward to seeing her in concert again on August 26th as part of the Future Now Tour.

Speaking of the most anticipated concert tour of this summer… Nick Jonas, who is co-headlining the tour with Demi, also performed at the Billboard Awards; this time with up-and-coming pop star Tove Lo. They performed “Close,” the first single from Jonas’ latest album, Last Year Was Complicated. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with their performance… but I want to know what you think! 🙂

Alternative pop-rock group DNCE made their Billboard Awards debut tonight as they performed their insanely popular song, “Cake By The Ocean.” I must admit, this song is catchy as anything, and it may end up being the unofficial song of the summer 🙂 However, from the few televised performances I’ve seen of this band, I haven’t really been that amazed. Joe Jonas is an awesome songwriter in my opinion (as proven by the two or three songs he wrote for John Legend’s 2014 album, Love In The Future), but he isn’t really my favorite singer anymore. (Although I must admit, I liked him when I was in elementary school, around the time “Camp Rock” was popular)

I think that despite their performance, DNCE stands out to me for one reason in particular: they don’t care about what others think. The band members are not afraid to just be themselves and they don’t care about being perfect (in comparison to artists such as Ariana Grande, for example). And for that reason, their music is extremely successful. 🙂

If you watched the Billboard Music Awards tonight, what was your favorite/least favorite performance?


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