Waiting For A Change

These days, it seems like the world can be a confusing place. Whenever I see news reports about terrible things happening (whether it’s here in Canada or elsewhere in the world), I wonder why does this stuff happen?

Take, for instance, the recent events in Florida. When I heard on the news that there was a mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando a couple weeks ago, my heart broke. Because what I don’t understand, is how– or why– innocent people are targeted. Just because of who they love… it doesn’t mean they’re any different from us.

In John 13:34, Jesus says that we must love one another, as He has loved us. And, for me, that means “loving EVERYONE, regardless of anything that might make them ‘stand out from the crowd’.” As a Christian, I firmly believe that we should show genuine love to everyone. And, while writing this post, I was reminded of a quote I heard on the popular Canadian entertainment-news show, eTalk.

“No matter who you are, or where you’re from, or where you’re going in life, you have the right to love and be loved.”

~Nick Jonas

Now, I understand that this may be a controversial topic for some. But after hearing more reports about innocent people’s lives being taken simply because of who they love, or the colour of their skin, or anything that may set them apart– I’m asking myself one simple word; why? And I really felt the need to express my emotions about all of it.

There have been several tragedies in Orlando– and across the U.S.– prior to and following this incident… and for the past month (and continuing), the entire state of Florida has been in my prayers. The entire country of the U.S…

Actually, the entire WORLD is in my prayers at this point.

I think Christina Aguilera’s newest song, “Change,” pretty much summarizes everything I want to say in this post. Because, when it all comes down to it, “we are all the same when everybody’s breathing.


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